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About Us

Second Chance Tucson provides employment opportunities for people overcoming a prior conviction to establish a prosperous future.

What is Second Chance Tucson?

Second Chance Tucson is a coalition of non-profit, faith-based, governmental, law enforcement agencies, and employers inspired by former Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and US Magistrate Judge Charles Pyle. It began as an idea the Mayor and Judge had to hold a reentry forum in 2014 to celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the Second Chance Act - federal legislation that funds reentry programs - and has grown from there. Our focus is on reducing recidivism and increasing community awareness about reentry, with an emphasis on employment. We do this through a combination of community education, volunteerism and employment outreach.


Second Chance Community Forums
The Forums help raise awareness about reentry, and the challenges returning citizens face. The focus is on why it is important to our entire community that returning citizens are successful.


Second Chance Job Fairs
The Job Fairs provide an opportunity for employers to recruit qualified, motivated employees with a support system working with them to ensure success. All of the employers attending are open to hiring people with a prior conviction. To help prepare the job seekers in advance of the job fair, Second Chance provides employability skills workshops covering topics such as resume writing and interview skills.


Second Chance Volunteer Days of Service
Volunteer Days of Service allow Second Chance participants to give back to the community, and participate in positive, pro social activities. A Day of Service is held annually on Cesar Chavez Day.


What are the benefits to my company of hiring someone with a prior conviction?
Many employers who have hired employees with a prior conviction have had a great experience. They report that they are highly motivated individuals with excellent job retention. One out of every 31 adults is in jail, prison, or on probation or parole. This is a significant portion of our
community that includes many highly skilled people who are capable of being a productive workforce. Working for the re-integration of people who have done their time and want to move forward in a positive direction is vital to Tucson. Providing a returning citizen a job opportunity is necessary to combat recidivism and create a strong and safe community. In addition, employers may be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $2400 for hiring a returning citizen. For more information on the tax credit please contact Debbie Chavez at or 602-771-0899


Stories of Success After Prison at the Second Chance Forum


TUCSON, AZ (Arizona Public Media / NPR) -


Heather McNeeley came through the front door at The Haven, an addiction treatment center for women, for the first time four years ago.


She was first arrested on drug charges in 2009 and served seven months of her one-and-a-half year sentence at the Perryville Prison in the outskirts of Phoenix.



Second Chance Tucson

job fair aimed at convicted felons


TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -


Organizers are gearing up for next year's Second Chance Tucson job fair, now that the second annual edition of the fair is over.

Recidivism remedies:
What works in Pima County


TUCSON, AZ (Arizona Daily Star) -


Arizona’s former prisoners have a lot working against them.


They can’t get food stamps, federal cash assistance for needy families or Section 8 housing assistance. Jobs are hard to come by for anyone whose name is linked to a felony conviction.

Rothschild visits prison,
gives re-entry tips


TUCSON, AZ (Arizona Daily Star) -


An Arizona inmate asked more than 30 elected officials to give a talk on prisoner re-entry. Just one said yes: Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild.

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